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Likelihoods for indirect dark matter searches with gamma rays

This is the development page for the gamLike project. GamLike is released in tandem with GAMBIT.

GamLike contains likelihood functions for most leading gamma-ray indirect searches for dark matter, including Fermi-LAT observations of dwarfs and the Galactic Centre (GC), HESS observations of the GC, and projected sensitivites for CTA observations of the GC.

A full description of this package and the physics framework behind it can be found in the GAMBIT DarkBit paper:

  • T Bringmann, J Conrad, JM Cornell, LA Dal, J Edsjö, B Farmer, F Kahlhoefer, A Kvellestad, A Putze, C Savage, P Scott, C Weniger, M White & S Wild 2017, EPJC submitted, arXiv:1705.07920

If you write a paper that uses gamLike, please cite the above paper, as well as all relevant experimental papers.

GamLike releases can be obtained as tarballs from Hepforge. The latest and greatest version, along with a full revision history, can always be found in the bitbucket repository. Compilation and usage instructions, as well as a number of example programs, can be found in the code release.

Author: Christoph Weniger (